Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Faced with an overwhelming threatscape and vast numbers of new threat intelligence products and services to consider, staying ahead of potential attacks specific to your company and mission is daunting. The increasing volume and speed of dynamic and emerging threats has left organizations scrambling to effectively respond. By incorporating cyber threat intelligence into their security operations, leading organizations can shorten the time to detection of relevant threats and respond more effectively.

RITZ’s Cyber Threat Intelligence services engage with your key stakeholders to develop or mature your organization’s actionable threat intelligence program. We enhance your security operations by helping you define an organization-specific cyber threat landscape tailored to your unique business environment. Our expert team assesses, develops and matures information collected by native and peripheral sources, allowing you to take immediate action.


We assess program staffing, process and technology capabilities and using a defined framework, we determine your appropriate maturity level.


We design a roadmap to enable your program buildout to achieve desired outcomes, providing operational and strategy guidance including key measurements of success.


Through a process of collection, modeling and analysis, we enable the dissemination of actionable intelligence.