Applied Research

Applied Research

RITZ’s elite researchers help secure financial, retail, healthcare, technology and government assets of all types, around the globe. We attract and retain the best, most rigorously tested talent in the security industry. We combine that talent with accountability, a strong culture of integrity and leading practices that ensure consistent quality in our approach.

Working across teams and drawing expertise from the entire security spectrum, we continually push the boundaries of what is possible to address complex, emerging problems in the security space. As part of RITZ’s vibrant, engaging approach to addressing enterprise security needs, we specialize in custom projects and research designed to solve your most difficult and unique challenges.


RITZ is home to leading security researchers and scientists from around the globe.


Our researchers specialize in real-world, enterprise-class security challenges and have developed an unmatched base of security knowledge.


Dedication, determination and know-how provides us with a unique ability to solve the most complex security challenges for our clients.