Defenses and Controls

As threats and attacks become ever more sophisticated, protecting your data and systems is increasingly complex. Vast stores of data, the rise of cloud and mobile computing, and the eradication of the fixed endpoint model have only added to the challenge. In this environment, defending your organization requires comprehensive security policies and controls, as well as skillful implementation of the correct security solution.

Through a careful evaluation process, we have developed an exclusive group of security and infrastructure partners that offer proven solutions to address your needs. This partner ecosystem helps us provide proven solutions to help you manage threats, mitigate risk, achieve compliance and attain operational efficiencies. We help you keep pace with the ever-changing information security landscape and choose the right technologies for your specific needs.

System Security

With our overarching view of the security landscape, we are able to identify the right technologies for your environment to help you meet your business, compliance and security goals.

Network Security

Secure everything from the perimeter to the desktop, from mobile to the cloud while understanding which improvements are right for your infrastructure, and separating real threats from the security noise.

Endpoint Security

Protect a wide range of endpoint devices including PCs, tablets and mobile phones, both corporate and employee owned.

Application Security

Minimize threats, reduce your attack surface, and detect and prevent attacks on your web and mobile applications.

Data Protection and Storage

Prevent data loss and control the flow of data in and out of your organization throughout the entire data lifecycle: data at rest, data in motion, and data in use.

User Provisioning and Protection

Manage user access, IDs, and data governance in order to limit user error, control sensitive information, and protect against insider threats.

Custom Solutions

Understand emerging technologies to evaluate and adopt the latest solutions to address your most important business and security needs.