Cloud Security

As enterprises continue to seek scalability, flexibility and efficiency in their technology stack, cloud platforms become very attractive. For many organizations, the strategy for information technology is to adopt cloud-based services first and seek on premise implementation as an alternative if cloud options do not meet business needs. While in some cases a cloud service may be more secure than a similar service hosted internally, this is not an assumption that can be applied universally.

It is critical for information security professionals to understand cloud computing, the various models and associated risks. Additionally, information security professionals must develop strategies that empower the business’ consumption of critical cloud services while adopting the necessary security measures, balancing the risk versus reward of cloud computing.


Cloud Security

With pressure to manage security across enterprise

Third-Party Risk

RITZ’s third-party risk solution can effectively plan,

Workshop and Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) is an organizational,

Enterprise Security Architecture

Every element in your organization helps play a key role in securing your enterprise infrastructure. People, process and technology must work together to maximize effectiveness when it comes to protecting your data and assets. Meeting this goal means that your enterprise architecture must be aligned with your business needs so that decisions and enforcement are consistent throughout the IT environment.

Optimizing cost, complexity and risk can be a daunting challenge. Achieving the right balance means thinking strategically about all the puzzle-like pieces in your enterprise infrastructure and anticipating needs down the road. Security is a journey. Sometimes you need a map.

At RITZ, we translate your business and security vision into effective enterprise transformation. We assist organizations by planning and supporting structured, coordinated activity to secure resources, enhance the continuous flow of information and ensure continuity in the face of change. By creating, communicating and optimizing your key security requirements, principles and operating models, we help you evolve your organization and attain a better future state.


Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

Responding to the new era of connected devices within the enterprise takes knowledge and skill. We can help you achieve your goals.


IT Staffing

In today’s cyber security environment, you need just in time access to a wide range of experts. With more than 625 leading security minds on staff, RITZ can get you the right expertise to solve your security challenges.


Business Continuity

Enterprise-class systems must maintain near-perfect up time. Our enterprise architecture experts can help you design your systems with resilience, recovery and contingency planning in mind.