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Cloud Security

With pressure to manage security across enterprise infrastructure already reaching an all-time high, adding cloud security to an already burdened team can introduce significant risk. Designing your cloud approach with security in mind from the start can help ensure success and protect your business.

Working with RITZ allows you to leverage a bench of security experts well versed in all aspects of security to help design, plan and implement your cloud initiatives. We can partner with you to help you achieve your cloud strategy goals, maintain security and enable new business models faster than you thought possible.


Maintaining visibility to determine the who, when, where, what and how information is accessed is essential to cloud security. RITZ can help you see what you are missing


Extending identity and access management controls is key to enabling seamless access to the right information, at the right time. We can help you get the balance right.


We provide you with insight and threat intelligence to help maintain your assets securely in the cloud. Our expertise can also enable new business approaches to leverage the advantages of the cloud.


Endpoint Management

Every day, IT environments become more complex. In order to keep up, organizations must examine their needs and choose where to make investments. A lack of resources or available skill sets can lead to not fully leveraging your solutions, resulting in a less secure environment.

Our monitoring, management and maintenance services are designed to work within your existing business practices. We become an extension of your staff by relieving you from managing your current solutions. With RITZ’s extensive experience, we have established processes and methodologies to provide guidance and support required to manage your endpoints.


Using our proprietary risk evaluation method, we can help you understand where you are today and identify where you need to be to meet your risk mitigation goals.


We help identify the areas of greatest risk and opportunity for reward so you can focus on what matters most.


Delivered out of our state of the art SOC, we provide 24x7x365 support, monitoring and real-time recommendations.


Platform Management

Providing efficient and trustworthy security platform management takes up valuable time within your organization. The cost of ownership and lack of expertise can lead to challenges when working toward achieving and maintaining compliance. RITZ provides 24x7x365 management of industry-leading security platforms to help you optimize your security infrastructure. With experience supporting and managing thousands of platforms, our team of certified security professionals deliver on the industry’s most comprehensive set of services.


Our proven service delivery model enables us to become an extension of your team by working seamlessly within your existing business processes.


With backing from more than 140 analyst and engineers, we can alleviate the time and experience needed to manage your endpoint solutions.


Our 24x7x365 staffed security operations center provides device management, health and availability monitoring with quick and meaningful escalation.


Program Governance

Identity and access management (IAM) impacts your entire organization by improving productivity and customer loyalty, while also reducing the risks contributing to a breach and organizational threats. The integration of IAM processes, people and technology into your organization is a challenging task. How can you align organizations to move from tactical implementations to a strategic program?

RITZ has experience planning, building and running thousands of security programs for enterprises of all sizes. We can help you manage all aspects of your IAM program, from project management of implementations to coordination with your organization’s oversight and compliance programs to shepherding the maturity of your program across the IAM pillars of identity data management, access management, identity management, access governance, privileged access management, and data security and analytics.

Implementation and Integration

With the shortage of identity and access management (IAM) expertise, having an IAM roadmap that supports the organizations business and technical needs is only half the battle. IT leaders increasingly struggle with selecting the right vendors, defining an integrated architecture and meeting tight implementation deadlines. With the expanding demands of the business, how can you reduce the risk associated with complex IAM implementation projects?

RITZ has partnered with the leading vendors in the IAM market to create a team of experts that can help you select, deploy and integrate the technologies that best meet your requirements. We have extensive experience deploying leading IAM technologies across identity data management, access management, identity management, access governance, privileged access management, and data security and analytics.

Workshop and Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) is an organizational, process, data, and cultural challenge first, and a technology challenge second. IAM is one of the most ambitious enterprise solutions an IT organization will deploy and has a far-reaching impact on productivity, customer loyalty, and most importantly, the security of your organization. Do you have the expertise and resources to get there on your own?

Whether you need help getting started or want us to evaluate your current program, we can get you on the right path to a strategic IAM program. Through workshops and assessments, we give you a plan to create alignment of your IAM initiatives with the needs of the business and an approach that reduces implementation risk.