Advanced Threat

The presence of malicious code in your network infrastructure is an unavoidable consequence of doing business. Piling on malware defense controls frequently results in overburdened security staff, preventing them from detecting and responding to targeted attacks efficiently. The truth is discovering malware is only half of the story. Widespread backdoors, irregular computer access patterns and data leaving your systems are all signs that you may have fallen victim to an advanced attack.

Advanced attacks are ones that know their target, penetrate systems and operate with the intent of manipulating, obtaining or destroying your data. While some attackers are merely there to wreak havoc, most have targeted systems with the aim of financial gain or competitive advantage. Once inside, these attacked can be relentless in pursuit of their goal.

At RITZ, we take pride in curating the most brilliant security practitioners, consultants and researchers to provide solutions to the challenges you face. These experts can assess your environment, reverse engineer malicious code that attackers leave behind, and help you understand what happened to your systems and why. In addition to aiding your recovery, we can help obtain and preserve details of the event for regulators or to support legal action. We also provide a comprehensive set of proactive incident response services to help prepare for, or even avoid, an attack.


Program Development

The evolving threat landscape continues to elevate the


Our security professionals and former CISOs offer on-demand

Digital Strategy

With the increased complexity of today’s IT

Internet of Things

Living in a highly connected world has produced greater efficiencies, better-run products and new opportunities for business. Actions informed by predictive analytics and data from a variety of sources contribute to highly complex systems capable of operating brilliantly without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. This is the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, as with any security frontier, IoT presents new problems to solve. Leveraging the possibilities of IoT means changing the way you do business.

Organizations are increasingly beset by the challenge of securing devices and protecting critical assets. Sensor-laden devices and automated processes are rife with possibilities for an attacker seeking to exploit low level vulnerabilities and insecure code. Understanding key exploits and new vulnerabilities must be an essential part of your security effort. Proactively assessing these risks will inform your threat assessments, patch management approach, incident response, security analytics and situational awareness. Partnering with the right expert can make all the difference.

At RITZ, we have the knowledge and experience to help you leverage the promise of the future while keeping your systems safe from harm. Whether you require assistance in developing an SLDC program, evaluating the security of embedded devices, uncovering vulnerabilities, or assessing your security with an attack and penetration test, we can assist you with your current security challenges and help future-proof your efforts so you can be ready for whatever comes next.



System Security

Hundreds of connected devices create hundreds of potential access points for attackers. We manage security in a highly connected world.


Secure Access

Restricting access to information is one way to enhance security. Organizations are challenged to provide the right access to every user every time. At Optiv, we can help leading organizations meet this challenge.


Embedded Security

Through research and testing, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations enhance their embedded device security and improved their software development processes.