We live in an increasingly connected world, and the issue of identity is more important than ever. The growing use of cloud and mobile devices as well as the consumerization of information technology (IT) expand the risk of a cyber security attack causing significant financial and reputational harm. How can you ensure that only authorized employees, partners and customers are able to seamlessly access the right applications using trusted devices?

A mature identity and access management (IAM) strategy can provide your complex user community safe access to critical applications and data, while keeping up with the business and meeting compliance requirements. It’s one thing to know where you are going, but getting there requires skilled resources and a programmatic approach.

We’ve helped clients through all phases of their IAM journey, whether just getting started or implementing an integrated approach that aligns people, process and technology. We use a combination of workshops and assessments, implementation and integration services, and program governance to guide you down the path to a strategic IAM program. Our team of experts will help you elevate from project to program level and when you’re ready to take the next step, we’ll move your strategy to the next generation of IAM, Identity Defined Security™ which allows for intelligence-based, risk-based, adaptive decision making in all aspects of cyber security.





Data Security


By managing your identity lifecycle with automation, you can become more nimble as you enforce access, permissions and policies. We can help you improve the way you manage these complex issues with greater efficiency.


Vulnerability Management


By recognizing security risks and compliance violations in real time, you can uncover and address internal concerns before they become a public problem. We can help address these issues for your organization.


Secure Cloud Access


Managing access to information is essential to realizing the benefits of data in the cloud. By extending your policies and controls, you can securely leverage cloud services as part of your overall IT strategy. Addressing and integrating existing systems with cloud provider technology can be complicated – we can help.