Threat and Vulnerability Management

Adversaries continue to advance their skills and innovate attack methods. Organizations are increasingly aware that reactive approaches are no longer effective in limiting damage from an attack. Leading businesses continue to adopt proactive methods of uncovering and addressing security flaws and vulnerabilities.

By taking a disciplined, programmatic approach to uncovering and remediating threats and vulnerabilities, you can understand and address the root cause of your weaknesses. Partnering with Optiv can help you achieve your goal without the burden of maintaining this expertise in-house.

Penetration Testing

Our experts help you determine the real world effectiveness of your existing security controls against a skilled, motivated


Applied Research

Our applied research team of security experts and scientists develop innovative solutions that detect and defeat threats.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our experts engage with your key stakeholders to develop or mature your organization’s actionable threat intelligence program.


Software Security

Our software security group helps your organization efficiently build and test secure, hack-resilient and compliant software.