Monitoring and Operations

Enterprise computing environments are extremely complex with large, distributed systems generating massive amounts of information. Effective security programs require planning, strong defenses and continuous assessment. Accurate and timely details from the data your systems generate can help you identify and mitigate incidents before they wreak havoc on your operations.

To operate securely and draw insights from big data, you must properly monitor, operate and refine your systems, controls and capabilities. Optiv has a diverse range of products and solutions to help you achieve and maintain operational excellence.


Assess events and analyze your organization’s security posture through the capture, retention, and analysis of events, activity, and other information from your systems and network devices.

Packet Capture

Understand the vulnerabilities and attacks potentially impacting your organization through packet capture and analysis.

Security Intelligence & SIEM

Aggregate data from multiple sources and correlate activity, alert on triggering events for further investigation, and ensure compliance with retention of data and creation of reports.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Reduce the cost and effort of managing governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) while protecting system integrity, revenue streams and brand reputation.

Anomaly Detection & Analytics

Understanding what normal activity looks like in your environment is an essential first step in identifying abnormal activity.

Intelligence Feeds

Protect against emerging threats through security feeds capturing up-to-the-minute awareness of current events on your network.


Ensure that electronically stored information (ESI) is collected and preserved for the purpose of admission and presentation in a court of law.